Meet Denise

A Compassionate Yoga Instructor and Mentor


Denise has been providing licensed massage therapy services to the Linn County area for over 6 years. With a Masters in Adult Education and a Financial degree, Denise specializes in client-centered services that improve daily life. Backed by a variety of skills such as Reiki attunements, farming, and raising a family as well as chickens, Denise brings a rich wealth of knowledge to the table every time she meets with one of her clients. In fact, Denise’s wide skill range is what her clients enjoy most about working with her.

Drawing inspiration from her mentors Cate Stillman (Yoga Health coach and certified Ayurvedic Practitioner) and Marsha Nieland (certified yoga and meditation teacher), Denise thrives on learning new healing modalities and using them to improve her community. Denise firmly believes that in order to help one’s community thrive, one has to help its people.

Every time you work with Denise, you’ll receive more than a massage or yoga session, you’ll receive advice on how to improve your life on a day-to-day basis. You’ll also be working with a compassionate, caring coach who is completely invested in your success and health. Give yourself the life you’ve always deserved. Contact Denise today to set up your next massage or learn more about yoga or nutrition.