Tali’s Masala Chai Tea Caramels

Wow!  Things have gotten down-right cold in our neck of the woods!!  We have spent the past several holiday seasons wondering if we would actually get a White Christmas but this year the snow is definitely here to stay!

 The good news?

 All of the cold and blustery weather has filled all of us here at Verbena with Holiday Cheer!!!  And tea!!  Lots and lots of warm, delicious tea!  So much so that we thought we might try adding some of our beloved Premium Teas to our holiday baking list this year.  The first on up were these wonderful Chai Tea Carmels.  We decided to use our favorite winter chai, Tali’s Masala Chai, and they turned out so amazing!  We also like the idea of trying a batch with Earl Grey or even one of our wonderful herbal Tisanes.